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Forever Homes for Abandoned Pets, Inc.
P.O. Box 3705
Mankato, MN
(612) 886-6904
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What do we do?

We are dedicated to raising financial assistance so that loving homes might more easily rescue abandoned pets, thus to reduce the number of pets languishing in shelters across our country — or, worse, being euthanized.

We search for families as well as group homes, nursing homes, and other nontraditional settings to find forever homes for abandoned pets. We support these new homes, as needed, by paying for the initial rescue fees and up to two years' worth of veterinary care.

Any other goals?

We recognize that some pets may simply never be adoptable. We intend, granting your goodwill, to establish a facility on a small farm to provide a permanent home for pets in whom no one else sees value. The goal is to make give these pets a home rather than keeping them confined in a shelter for life.

How do we pay for this?

To generate funds, we solicit cash donations from people like you and from businesses. We are drawing up plans to open a thrift store and, later on, a pet-supply store and perhaps other retail concepts to raise funds. We will hire as many challenged adults as possible to operate the store(s) and to help oversee the distribution of funds to needy adoptive homes.

How much of your donation goes to the pets?

All staff here are volunteers and derive an income from other work. We're passionate about this cause. Rather than extracting a salary for this work, we put in our own money to cover operating expenses. One hundred percent of your donation goes directly toward helping deserving homes obtain and care for an otherwise abandoned pet until the major initial expenses of adoption have been dealt with.

Why do we do this?

We hope that these endeavors, through your generous assistance, will greatly assist in reducing the number of abandoned pets languishing in animal shelters and also reduce the number of pets put down due to overpopulation of these humane shelters across the country.

How can you help?

The need is great, and lives hang in the balance. Won't you Join the Rescue™?

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