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A few recent rescues

Here are a few of the pets we've recently rescued.

Maggie the First

Picture of white female dog
Maggie looking for attention

While at work one day, Ronald noticed a cute dog in a car and started chatting with the woman it was with. She started crying, saying that Maggie was her daughter�s dog, but she couldn�t keep her anymore. The problem was, Mom couldn�t either. She was hiding it from her landlord and seriously needed to find Maggie a home, or she�d have to be put down.

Ronald promised to find a home for her.

Picture of white female dog
Maggie blends in

We got her to River Hills Pet Care Hospital, where she received a full checkup and was brought up to date on her shots and heartworm prevention. Maggie is now happily loving and living with a young Mankato, Minnesota, family.

Maggie the Second

Picture of black female dog
Maggie standing at attention

Ronald found a dehydrated little sweetheart. She was running the streets, ridden with fleas and ticks.

Picture of black female dog
Maggie has spotted something!

He gave this Maggie a flea bath and took her to River Hills Pet Care Hospital. There she was treated for ear infections and two different parasites. She was also spayed.

Picture of black female dog
Maggie enjoying a chew

Ronald gave this beautiful Maggie foster care for a number of months while he nursed her back to full health and house-trained her. Upon locating a family to take her, he drove to Arkansas, an 11-hour trip, to get her to her new home, where she�s getting more attention and love than she�s ever known before.

Sunny: Abandoned at a gas station

Picture of female dog
Sunny striking a pose

Ronald found this stray at a gas station in Seiling, Oklahoma. It was running around, greeting all of the customers outside, as if searching for its owner. Staff said it had been there for three to four days. They witnessed a guy dumping it out with a bag of food. They said the dog pound would be there in morning to sedate her and take her off to the pound to be put down. The dog was freezing and frightened.

Picture of female dog
Sunny staking out her bed claim

It took some time, but Ronald got her to come to him. He took her back to his residence, and while initially skittish, she settled down within a minute or two, allowed him to groom her, and she started to wag her tail and lick him. She jumped up on his bed and promptly fell asleep. She also slept with him, keeping her jaw on his shoulder all night. She was such a warm, loving dog!

She went to the Wheatland Pet Hospital and got the grand treatment. Ronald made sure that all tests were administered, and she also got all her shots and a rabies tag, and she was spayed. As the nonprofit was short of funds, he paid all fees out of his own pocket. She was brought to Minnesota for placement in a forever home.

Tornado survivor found a home!

Picture of young male dog
Percival: the one with the waggly tail

Following some awful tornadoes in Oklahoma, Ronald found a young, incredibly gentle dog huddled and whimpering outside a store in Binger, Oklahoma, seeking human companionship. How could anyone say no to a face like that?

Picture of young male dog
Percival giving driving tips.

Ronald bought some paper towels, as the dog was soaked and covered in red clay. He was overjoyed to have been picked up. Ronald got him in the car and cleaned him up, whereupon he crawled into Ronald's lap and fell asleep during the drive to Meadow Wood Animal Hospital (Web site; Facebook page) in Lawton, Oklahoma. Throughout the trip, he insisted on being as close to Ronald as possible. Made driving a fun challenge!

Picture of young male dog
Percival: a lapful of love

We nicknamed him Percival, because he'd persevered the storms and the gunshot wounds in his leg; somewhere along the line, he also picked up the moniker Bing, short for the town he'd been found in.

Sir Percival Bing, or whatever you might dub him, was a mix of pug and pit bull stock, which makes him by nature gentle and loving and incredible with children. He was easy to train, was housebroken, and even though he' been shot and abandoned, he craves being with people and has made a loving pet. He recovered quickly from the emergency, after-hours surgery with no complications.

A tech who worked at the veterinarian's office fell in love with Percy and gave him a perfect home. Percy's care cost over $900, and most of that was paid for by Ronald himself.


We found a stray cat and took it in while seeking out her owner. When no one came forward, we dubbed the sleekly beautiful black female Lucky and made sure she was fit for adoption, putting her through a complete medical and dental checkup.

We located a wonderful woman who was delighted to give Lucky a forever home. Lucky is no longer surviving on the streets and now has a warm, comfortable, loving home, and she will continue to get any care she needs.

Lucky is shown here with Ronald Wallenberg, our volunteer CFO.



A Good Samaritan pulled a kitten out of traffic and couldn't find the owner. She wanted to give it a home herself but couldn't afford the medical checkup and attention it needed. We realized that she'd provide the perfect home for the kitten, so we paid those costs directly to the veterinarian.

We didn't think to take a photograph of the kitten, but we received a card from Bree, with a drawing of the newly dubbed Sammy in her lap:




Buddy, as we'd temporarily christened him, was found in Springfield, Missouri, being sold on a street corner by the family who found him and allegedly cared for him. He is presently in the care of a Springfield couple.

When we brought him in, he was found to be undernourished and dehydrated, infested with hookworms and whipworms, and suffering from a yeast infection in his ears. We had him neutered, got him up to date on his shots, and had his teeth cleaned. His care cost us over $600.

It was rather difficult to take his picture with Ronald, as he wanted to cuddle. He's extremely friendly and affectionate. He's very lucky to have a new, loving home, and lucky that donations from readers like you helped get him the medical attention he so badly needed.


Unnamed cat

This friendly tiger was abandoned on the doorstep of a veterinarian in Springfield, Missouri. After receiving full care and after we'd posted his picture here, this cat now has a loving, forever home with a couple from nearby.

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